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GRT Payroll Notice from Management

January 29, 2021

Posting Date: January 29, 2021
Removal Date: February 5, 2021

You may have experienced a delay in your pay being deposited to your bank account today. We expect that everyone will be paid by the end of the day. Financial Institutions have until 11:59 p.m.
to deposit pays into the designated account. If you do not receive your pay by 11:59 p.m. today, please contact Bonny Muthuveren in Payroll ( Payroll will
endeavour to make the payment by direct deposit within one (1) payroll working day (Article 52.4).

Peter Zinck
Director, Transit Services

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Provincial Lockdown

To All Brothers/Sisters,

In speaking with GRT management this morning we were informed that this provincial lockdown which starts on Thursday, Jan 14th, 2021 at 12:01 am will not affect Transit.

In solidarity,

Tim Jewell – Unifor 4304 President


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Concerns About Face Coverings / Masks

To All Brothers/Sisters,

We were informed today that some members have approached management about other members not wearing their face coverings/masks indoors.

As this pandemic moves on we are all supposed to do our part to help to straighten the curve. Since last March when this pandemic began, public health and health professionals made it very clear that we should, social distance, sneeze into our elbow, wash our hands for 20 seconds and wear a Face Covering or Mask.

I don’t think that members should have to go to management and ask them to monitor certain areas because other members are not wearing their face covering or mask and that those members feel their safety is at risk. Come on folks let’s have a little common courtesy for each other.

Management has made it very clear that they will be monitoring all locations where face coverings or masks must be worn.

The Waterloo region’s mandatory face-covering bylaw has been extended to May 31st, 2021.

Tim Jewell – President Unifor 4304

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Up Comimg Elections 2021

To All Brother/Sisters,




9.1 All Local 4304 Officers and Committees shall be elected in accordance with the National Constitution.


9.2          The election of Officers and Committees shall be held every three years. 


9.3   At the February membership meeting, in the year of the election, the membership shall elect an Election Committee. The committee shall contain sufficient members to ensure that each polling location shall be adequately staffed. The Election Committee shall ensure that there are adequate polling stations and that they are in such locations as to ensure that all members have reasonable access to vote during voting hours. A notice of all dates, locations, and times shall be posted at least seven (7) days prior to Election Day. The Election Committee may also adopt a form of electronic voting such as internet or telephone voting where appropriate and shall provide to all candidates upon request, a copy of the rules for the election. Copies of the election rules shall also be posted on all Union bulletin boards.


9.4  All members of Local 4304 in good standing shall be eligible for election to office.  All members of Local 4304 in good standing shall be eligible for election to an executive position after holding the position of a permanent employee for 1 year.


9.5   No member shall accept a nomination for more than one position on the Executive Board.


9.6   The nominations for the Officers of Local 4304 shall be held at the April   

           meeting of the General Membership, and the election held on the same day  

           as the May meeting of the General Membership.


The nominations for the Committees and Stewards shall be held at the May meeting of the General Membership, and the elections held on the same day as the June meeting of the General Membership.

Any vacancies resulting during the term of the Committees and Stewards position can be appointed to the candidate who received the second highest number of votes in the previous election.


9.7   Nominations shall be oral, at the respective nomination meeting, or may be in writing to the Recording Secretary to be received prior to the start of the respective meeting. If only one nomination is received for a position the candidate shall be declared acclaimed. Candidates who receive verbal nominations must signify their acceptance or refusal to stand at the nomination meeting or in writing to the Recording Secretary.

In Solidarity,

Unifor 4304 Executive Board


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Homewood – Part of your Employee & Family Assistance Program

Many employees with the Region of Waterloo are aware that Homewood is part of their Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP), but many do not know about all that Homewood provides to our members.  Homewood provides more than just mental health services in times of need but offers a variety of services to help employees who need assistance.

Members are encouraged to visit, and register on, the Homewood Health online portal, Homeweb, to see all they have to offer!


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United Way Sign Up


Each year the membership gives back to their community by donating to the United Way through payroll deductions.  It is necessary to sign up again each year. You have been used to seeing a sign-up day with coffee and donuts. This year, due to the challenges of Covid-19, we will be making alternate arrangements to show our appreciation for your generosity. More details will follow in the New Year.


Your United Way committee representatives are Karen Koyounian, Norma Switzer, and Lema Callender. Starting Tuesday, December 8th and Wednesday, December 9th and during the course of the week, we will be distributing blank donation forms on all buses. Blank forms can also be obtained from dispatch or the lunchroom tables. You will also notice your reps in supervisors’ vans to distribute and collect completed forms.


If you prefer to donate online, go to


If you have any questions, email:


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Part-time/Temp Sign-up Monday, November 23

To All Conventional Part-time Operators,

On Monday, November 23 starting at 8:00 AM the Part-time/Temp Sign-up for Christmas begins. Bidweb is active now for you to make your picks. You can view the signing list and all the available work at both garages or at

For the Christmas Sign-up the part-time bidlist [25 Saturday and Sunday shifts] returns. There are a total of 33 Temp shifts and 25 Saturday/Sunday shifts to choose from. There is a total of 98 operators. If you do not choose anything in Bidweb, it will be assumed that you don’t want any of these shifts and that you want to remain part-time and submit your availability. I want to mention though, especially for the newer part-time operators, that you can be forced to take one of the Saturday/Sunday shifts. If there are any of the Saturday/Sunday shifts left unsigned at the end of the sign-up, then Jim starts assigning the shifts in reverse seniority to anyone who didn’t choose a piece of work.

A few other things to note. There are 7 Vacation Relief groups available to select. If you pick one of these then you will have to do another sign-up on Wednesday when the Vacation Relief Sign-up takes place. These groups are numbered 327 -333. The Saturday/Sunday shifts are numbered as follows:

251-260 Saturday shifts in Kitchener

511-515 Saturday shifts in Cambridge

281-290 Sunday shifts in Kitchener

There will be no Part-time bidlist [Saturday/Sunday shifts] for Winter sign-up. There will be a Temp sign-up for the Winter sign-up. The Temp sign-up for Winter will take place on Monday, December 7.

If you have trouble logging into Bidweb you can call the IT Service Desk 519-575-4564.

I will be doing this sign-up on Monday at the Strasburg garage from the union office. If you need any help and are at the garage you can find me there. As well you can contact me with any questions by email or call or text.

Paul Wagler




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Cambridge Christmas Sign-Up

To All Cambridge Brothers/Sisters,


A notice was put up in regards to the Christmas sign up, the dates on that notice are wrong. The dates for the Cambridge Christmas sign up are as follows:


Dates: Monday, November 16th, 2020 & Tuesday, November 17th, 2020


If you have any questions please contact your Cambridge Scheduling Committee member.

In Solidarity,

Tim Jewell – President Unifor 4304

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GRT Conventional Scheduling Survey

Attention all conventional bus operators in Kitchener and Cambridge.

The schedulers are seeking driver feedback about running times on our routes. Please click on the survey link below to give your input. The survey will be open till Friday, October 16.

Click here for survey

Thank you for your feedback in this process!

Paul Wagler

On behalf of the Cambridge and Kitchener Scheduling Committee

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