Welcome to the Unifor Local 4304 Website.  We, the unionized members of Unifor Local 4304, have joined together to help one another, to unite our strength, to win better wages and working conditions through collective bargaining and political action, to work for social justice and to contribute to world peace.

Our objectives are:

  1. To unite all members in all units who are under the jurisdiction of Unifor Local 4304 into one organization without regard to age, ancestry, citizenship, ethnic origin, sex, creed, colour, family status, sexual orientation, disability, language, marital status, race, political or religious affiliation, or place of national origin, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, gender or same sex partnership. Every member must receive equal treatment.
  2. To protect the interests of members, keep what we have gained, improve working conditions and create a uniform system of shorter hours and higher wages.
  3. To end occupational injury and disease and improve conditions to create healthy workplaces. To regulate relations between employees and the employer, including but not limited to the right to bargain collectively on behalf of the employees. To provide representation to members who feel they have received arbitrary or unjust treatment from an employer or any of its employees.
  4. To promote, develop and maintain a better and clearer understanding between the employee and the employer at all times.  To obtain improvements in remuneration (eg. salaries, benefits, working conditions and hours of work) which are fair and competitive, with equal pay for equal and/or comparable work for all employees under the jurisdiction of Local 4304.
  5. To educate the members in the history of the labour movement and our own Union, Unifor Canada.

Unifor Local 4304 represents members at more than one bargaining unit/employer and we strive to include all materials and resources for members in all our bargaining units; access to our website is available for Unifor Local 4304 Members only!

Unifor Local 4304’s Bargaining Units

Unifor Local 4304 represents members employed at Grand River Transit, part of the Transit Services Division of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.  Our members include all Conventional Bus Operators, Specialized Transit Vehicle Operators, Certified Motor Vehicle Trade Technicians, Vehicle Service Attendants and Specialized Transit Dispatchers/Reservationists.

For more information about Grand River Transit and the Region of Waterloo please visit the following websites:

Grand River Transit
Region of Waterloo

Unifor Local 4304 represents members employed at Great Canadian Coaches as Coach Bus Drivers based at several locations in Southwestern Ontario including Kitchener, Brampton, London, Oshawa and Niagara Falls.

For more information about Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches please visit the following websites:

Great Canadian Coaches
Great Canadian Holidays