Your NEW Election Committee

To all Local 4304 members,

At the February General Membership Meeting on Wednesday your new Election Committee for the coming term of office was chosen.  Before the close of the General Membership Meeting 10 members had accepted nominations to serve on the Election Committee and it was decided to acclaim all 10 members to the Election Committee for the coming term.

The decision to acclaim all 10 members was for several reasons and only increases the size of the Election Committee by an additional 2 members.  The 10 member committee will have the needed flexibility to run our coming elections in terms of booking off committee members for their election duties and to ensure the committee members are not overworked.  These considerations include the hours the election polling stations can be run, the ability to count ballots late in the evening on election days, assisting members with advanced website registration so they may vote online, given members breaks as needed so they are no overwhelmed, etc.

Your NEW Election Committee is comprised of the following members (in order of which nominations were originally received):

Karen Horst
Crystal Switzer
Jason Herman
Tim Jewell
Darci Jewell
Jim Brubacher
Kristopher Lederman
Nicki Lederman
Joe Visser
Cheryl Rooymans

Congratulations go out to your new Election Committee members!

The new Election Committee will now need to determine amongst themselves who their new committee chairperson will be and will need to be trained by the existing committee prior to the coming Executive Board, Steward and Committee Elections.  The new Election Committee should inform the Recording Secretary of their chairperson selection as soon as it is made, as well as provide the contact information (cell/phone number and e-mail address) of each member.

A reminder also to all members that Executive Board nominations are currently being accepted with the closing of nominations at the end of the April General Membership Meeting (Wednesday, April 21th, 2021) and Steward/Committee nominations are being accepted with the closing of nominations at the end of the May General Membership Meeting (Wednesday, May 19th, 2021).

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