Work Refusal

To Executive,
Today I met with one of our Operators at the Boardwalk Terminal.
A work refusal was submitted. In attendance was Jennyfer Palmer, Supervisor Gary Deuntch (sp), the Operator and myself, JHSC rep, Angela Ransome.
The operator felt that his employer was not doing everything reasonable to protect them in the workplace, ultimately violating 25.2h of the O.H.S.A.  The operator feels that loading customers through the rear doors and putting caution tape at the 6-foot marker, would make an adequate solution to keep our drivers an appropriate distance away from the COVID-19 virus and health and safety-related issues.
A phone call was placed from Jennyfer to the Ministry of Labour. No inspector came out to the location to determine the case.  A series of “conference” calls were made with Cynthia Bacchus (MOL)  between the four of us and herself.  It was her conclusion that the Employee did NOT meet the requirements of code 43.3 of the O.H.S.A. The operator left work for the remainder of their shift. Copies of the forms used today are in the union office and I believe emailed to management and the union.  A copy has also been posted in the workplace.
As it stands, this matter is closed. Not resolved, but closed for now.
Angela Ransome

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