We’re Pulling Out The Stops – Let’s ALL Get Online!

To all Local 4304 members,

At this afternoon’s Executive Board Meeting, we discussed the ongoing effort to get as many members as possible onto the union website, not just for the coming election but to ensure every member has an account they can use to access member-only union information as long as they are an active member of Local 4304.  It has been determined that we are going to entirely scrap any necessity for members to register for their own account and simply create an account for every member we can get a valid email address for, this will happen preferably when a member first joins the union.

For all existing members, new accounts will be created using a standardized username format, to do this we need to confirm the email addresses of as many members as possible, preferably all!  An account will be created for every valid email address we receive and a username and temporary ‘randomly generated’ temporary password will be emailed to each of those members.

Next week, on Monday, May 10th and Tuesday, May 11th members of the Election Committee will be reaching out to as many members as possible to ask for a current email address.  It is in your best interest to provide one so we can get your new account set up.  Even if you have previously registered on the website, or have previously had an account created for you by a member of the Executive Board, we will be asking you to confirm your email address to ensure it is current so we can create new accounts with the standardized username format.  When you are contacted please spell out your email address as clearly as possible to avoid any possible typos.

However, you can get ahead of the game, help us save time, and completely avoid any cold call from the Election Committee if you confirm or provide your email address beforehand!  To confirm your email address ahead of time, simply send an email with your name (so I know for sure who is writing) and the email address you want to use for your new union website account to webmaster@unifor4304.orgYou can start doing this immediately!

We are also asking for your assistance in getting the email addresses of other members who are not currently receiving these messages or are not on the Local’s Facebook ‘bulletin board’ or any member you know who may be off on any sort of leave, this message may not reach them otherwise before an attempt is made to contact them next week.  Simply give them a heads-up about being contacted next week, or better yet pass on this message to them so they send in their email address on their own as soon as possible.

Once we have the list of valid emails, new accounts will be activated over the course of the day on Wednesday, May 12th.  This will provide a week to iron out any possible account access issues that crop up before election day on May 19th.

Yours in solidarity,

Warren Schnurr
Unifor Local 4304


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