Vaccine Mandate Statement

Vaccine Mandate Statement

To all brothers and sisters of Local 4304,

Your local executive is doing its best when it comes to the upcoming vaccine mandate policy. It is absolutely your choice whether or not you get vaccinated. Please respect the fact that any choice comes with a set of consequences.

As president I’ve shared information that I find relevant to this situation we are all in. This is not an easy situation regardless of your personal status, thoughts, or feelings. The fact is there will be a policy. No one knows what this policy will look like yet. I’ve had a meeting with the region. They are looking at three options. The policy will become clearer in the coming days to weeks.

I have also spoken with our national representative as well as received communication from Unifor’s lawyer. In this communication it discusses the “legality of employer actions and their ability to impose mandatory vaccination policies.”

First it mentions “the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including s. 7, which is frequently cited as a basis for claiming a right to be free from such a policy, is not relevant in respect of private employer policies.” Other human rights have been mentioned as well such as medical or religious.

These accommodations would require documentation to be provided to the employer in order for the employer to provide the employee with said accommodation. “It is not a breach of their privacy to be asked for reasonable documentation to support a request for accommodation.”

Again whether you believe it or not this is a pandemic and the reasonableness of a policy with regards to health and safety is the key factor to strongly consider. “What we can say with certainty is that an employee has a right to decline to be vaccinated. However if the policies
mandating vaccines are deemed reasonable, which most experts agree is far more likely than not in many workplaces, workers who choose not to be vaccinated will likely face serious employment consequences.

My recommendation based on what I’ve seen, heard, and read is to talk to your doctor. If you’re able to get vaccinated, please do so. If you’re not able to, due to a valid human rights issue, please reach out to a union rep for next steps. I have complete faith in this local to represent
any member. Just remember that facts and opinion are not one in the same.

As always, any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Brendan Burke
Unifor Local 4304

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