Update On Conventional Spring Sign-UP

Conventional Spring Sign-Up:
As you are aware the Spring sign-up scheduled to take place starting on Monday, March 30 has been delayed. Due to the reduced ridership on our buses, the bidlist that was going to be used is getting completely redone. Over the last week, management has been working on a reduced level of service for Spring.
Here are the updates from what we know right now. These are projections that hopefully won’t change but could as everything is very fluid right now.
Spring Bidlist will be available on Thursday, April 2 or Friday April 3.
Spring sign-up will start on Monday, April 6. In the KWSA the full-time sign-up will take place over 4 days instead of 5 days. This is because of the short week with the Good Friday stat at the end of that week.
There will be no temp work for part-timers as all of that will be covered by full-time drivers. As well the part-time bidlist of 25 Sat/Sun shifts will all be included in the full-time bidlist.
Please watch for more information on all of this next week to confirm the dates I mentioned above.
If you have questions please feel free to contact your scheduling committee.
Paul Wagler
Chair, KWSA Scheduling Committee


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