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Each year the membership gives back to their community by donating to the United Way through payroll deductions.  It is necessary to sign up again each year. You have been used to seeing a sign-up day with coffee and donuts. This year, due to the challenges of Covid-19, we will be making alternate arrangements to show our appreciation for your generosity. More details will follow in the New Year.


Your United Way committee representatives are Karen Koyounian, Norma Switzer, and Lema Callender. Starting Tuesday, December 8th and Wednesday, December 9th and during the course of the week, we will be distributing blank donation forms on all buses. Blank forms can also be obtained from dispatch or the lunchroom tables. You will also notice your reps in supervisors’ vans to distribute and collect completed forms.


If you prefer to donate online, go to



If you have any questions, email: lemaunifor4304@gmail.com

Or kkoyounian4304@gmail.com

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