Summer Sign-up Info

Signing for the upcoming Summer Sign-up will begin on Monday June 1 at 7:00 AM. Note that we will be starting at 7:00 AM each day.

The main purpose of this message is to explain what is happening with bracketed operators in the Summer sign-up so you can pick your work accordingly.
Normally the operators who are signed in brackets are those who will not be back to work during the  upcoming sign-up. Occassionally plans change and the operator does return. If this happens the person who has signed behind them then chooses a shift from the work being done by temp operators. This could be a better shift or a much worse shift. Depends on what is available.
This is the normal way this process works however in the upcoming Summer sign-up  there is a change you should understand. In addition to the regular operators signing in brackets will be drivers who are off work right now but may return during the sign-up. There are 2 memos with the list of bracketed operators posted on the bulletin boards. The first memo list all bracketed operators in KWSA (27) and CSA (14). The 2nd memo lists operators who may return from that list KWSA (8) and CSA (5). The added difference from the normal process described earlier if a bracketed operator returns is that there will likely be no temp work to choose from. In that case the bumped operator would be Twilight Spare with the same days off as what they had. If additional operators go off after the sign-up starts then some work may be available to choose from.
If you want to avoid bracketed work make sure to uncheck the box on Bidweb at the top of the bidding page.
The reason that the sign-up is happening this way for the Summer is so every full-time operator has a place to sign. By the end of the sign-up there will be an operator signed beside every bracketed operator.
There will not be any Part-time/Temp sign-up for the Summer. Just wanting to be clear to the part-time operators who are coming back there will be no temp work or weekend part-time bidlist.
At the time of writing this Bidweb is active for you to use. There is some discrepancies between the total paid hours on Bidweb and printed bidlist. The bidlist is right and they are working on correcting the errors in Bidweb.
I hope this helps to clarify things. If you have any questions please let us know.
Paul Wagler
Chair KWSA Scheduling Committee

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