Part-time/Temp Sign-up Monday, November 23

To All Conventional Part-time Operators,

On Monday, November 23 starting at 8:00 AM the Part-time/Temp Sign-up for Christmas begins. Bidweb is active now for you to make your picks. You can view the signing list and all the available work at both garages or at

For the Christmas Sign-up the part-time bidlist [25 Saturday and Sunday shifts] returns. There are a total of 33 Temp shifts and 25 Saturday/Sunday shifts to choose from. There is a total of 98 operators. If you do not choose anything in Bidweb, it will be assumed that you don’t want any of these shifts and that you want to remain part-time and submit your availability. I want to mention though, especially for the newer part-time operators, that you can be forced to take one of the Saturday/Sunday shifts. If there are any of the Saturday/Sunday shifts left unsigned at the end of the sign-up, then Jim starts assigning the shifts in reverse seniority to anyone who didn’t choose a piece of work.

A few other things to note. There are 7 Vacation Relief groups available to select. If you pick one of these then you will have to do another sign-up on Wednesday when the Vacation Relief Sign-up takes place. These groups are numbered 327 -333. The Saturday/Sunday shifts are numbered as follows:

251-260 Saturday shifts in Kitchener

511-515 Saturday shifts in Cambridge

281-290 Sunday shifts in Kitchener

There will be no Part-time bidlist [Saturday/Sunday shifts] for Winter sign-up. There will be a Temp sign-up for the Winter sign-up. The Temp sign-up for Winter will take place on Monday, December 7.

If you have trouble logging into Bidweb you can call the IT Service Desk 519-575-4564.

I will be doing this sign-up on Monday at the Strasburg garage from the union office. If you need any help and are at the garage you can find me there. As well you can contact me with any questions by email or call or text.

Paul Wagler




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