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Monday, August 27, 2018

To all Unifor Local 4304 members,

At our most recent Executive Board Meeting the Executive approved the transfer/migration of the Unifor Local 4304 website to a new web hosting provider starting in September.  The new hosting provider provides comparable services to that of our current hosting provider at a lower cost and on Canadian servers (opposed to the current US servers of our existing hosting provider).  Over the first 3-year term this transfer will save our Local about $1,000 in hosting costs and will move our website from a US business to a Canadian business.

I will be transferring our website to the new web host in the first week of September.  During this time there may be some downtime as our domain is transferred and the DNS services propagate to point our web address to the new host, the website address will remain the same.  Also during this transition there may be some service interruptions to the e-mail of the Local’s signing officers since we use a unifor4304 e-mail address for much of our official union business, but we have already begun preparations for this.

None of the membership logins should be affected once the transfer is complete, so once the migration is finished your existing website login will still work as it does now.  But, again, there may be some downtime during the transfer itself.  If there is any information you believe you absolutely need access to off the union website during the first week of September please go and download it ahead of time.  This could include anything from your unit’s collective agreement if you need to reference it or for GRT operators, any of the maps/directions for the coming Fall schedule period.

If you have any questions about the website transfer please feel free to ask.

Yours in solidarity,

Warren Schnurr
Unifor Local 4304

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