Notice of Motions

Notice of Motions

In accordance with the Unifor Local 4304 By-Laws, the following motions were tabled at the January General Membership Meeting and will be voted on at the February General Membership Meeting (Wednesday, February 20, 2019):

MOTION: To send Terri Kepic to the Pride Course and Conference from May 5-12, 2019.
MOVED BY: Darci Jewell
SECONDED BY: Lyle Minshall

MOTION: That the Local 4304 National Representative, Tim Mitchell, not be assigned to Janet Jacobs arbitration case and alternative representation be arranged.
MOVED BY: Janet Jacobs
SECONDED BY: Joyce Stirling

MOTION: That Local 4304 allow up to 4 additional members to attend the Pride Conference in May.
MOVED BY: Terri Kepic
SECONDED BY: Carol Jacobi

MOTION: That Local 4304 hire a labour lawyer immediately to review the GRT Collective Agreement language for improvement prior to GRT negotiations.
MOVED BY: Tony Brooks
SECONDED BY: Tammy Stortz-Grenia

Warren Schnurr
Recording Secretary
Unifor Local 4304

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