Notice of Motions

Notice of Motions

In accordance with the Unifor Local 4304 By-Laws, the following motions were tabled at the October General Membership Meeting and will be voted on at the November General Membership Meeting (Wednesday, November 21, 2018):

MOTION: That Article 6.2 of the Unifor Local 4304 By-Laws be amended to reduce the number of members required for quorum for General Membership Meetings from 25 to 15 (with no further wording changes to Article 6.2).
MOVED BY: Iljaz Iljazi
SECONDED BY: Trevor Reid

MOTION: To change the GRT vacation selection process to require members to first select a maximum of 2 weeks vacation in order of seniority, then, after which, select their remaining vacation weeks in order of seniority.
MOVED BY: Kris Berry
SECONDED BY: Heidi Schindler

MOTION: To override the GRT Grievance Committee and send Dawn Grover’s modified duty grievance to arbitration.
MOVED BY: Aaron Rolson
NOTE: This motion was presented and voted on at the PM Portion of the October General Meeting and will be presented and voted on only at the AM portion of the November General Meeting. If you already voted on this motion in October you are NOT permitted to vote on this motion again.

Warren Schnurr
Recording Secretary
Unifor Local 4304

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