New Website Accounts – Update

To all Local 4304 members,

First of all, I would like to thank all members for their patience as the new website accounts have been rolled out.  The process has been a monumental undertaking and has taken MUCH longer than I had anticipated, but the actual process has gone fairly smoothly otherwise.  I must also give a special thanks to Crystal Switzer, Cheryl Rooymans, and Jason Herman from the new Election Committee for contacting hundreds of members this week to get and verify email addresses so we can get every single member registered on the union website once and for all.  I must also give thanks to my wife, Carol, for helping me with entering data for several hundred members on the website and for sending the mailing list confirmation emails which saved many hours of time.

With the exception of six members, everyone who has provided an email address should have now had their new union website account information sent to them.  The remaining six members who provided an email address will need to have their email address reverified since there’s likely a typo somewhere that needs to be corrected.  All remaining members who have not provided an email address will have union website account information sent to their Regional email address (for Local 4304 members at Grand River Transit) over the next 24-48 hours.  Any of those members may contact me at any time to have their regional email address switched to a personal email address if they wish, so if you hear of a member who has not received their account information, it may have been sent to their Regional email address…please have them contact me as soon as possible at

I would ask that everyone please make an effort to log in to their new website account at some point BEFORE election day (Wednesday, May 19th) to ensure your access is working and to change the temporary password sent to you to something more suitable for you.  If you want to vote online on election day, waiting until then to sort out any website login issues is NOT a good idea, both the Election Committee and I will be extremely busy that day.

Finally, don’t forget that anyone wishing to receive regular email notifications, such as this one, from the union must click the email confirmation link to joining the union mailing list.  If you hear of anyone who has not received this message, or other union emails, please remind them to click the link in that email confirmation message (it may have been delivered to their spam/junk email folder).

Yours in solidarity,

Warren Schnurr
Unifor Local 4304

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