New Facebook Bulletin Board

Did you get your invite yet?

Unifor Local 4304 now has an official, members-only, Facebook ‘Group’ that will be used as additional union communication tool to help push union news and information out to the membership.  This new group differs from the union’s existing, public, social media pages/profiles (the union’s public social media accounts are used to publish press releases, share labour news, post bereavement notices, share community causes, etc.).

The new members-only group is called ‘Unifor Local 4304 – Bulletin Board’ and will be used to mirror notices and publications made on the bulletin boards in our workplaces and postings on the Unifor Local 4304 website for our members who use Facebook, it will not be a discussion forum, just a notice board.  Notices will continue to be posted in our workplaces and on the union website as has been the practice, there will be no change to this.

Many members on Facebook have already been invited to the new group by either an Admin or another Local 4304 member on their Facebook friends list.  If you haven’t yet joined the new group, and you’re on Facebook, check your notifications to see if you have received an invite.  If you haven’t received an invite simply visit and request to join, an Administrator will approve your request as soon as possible.  This new members-only group is open to all Unifor Local 4304 members in all bargaining units.

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