Last Chance For Strike Pay….


Strike Cheques!!

In January 2020  Local 4304 was on strike for approximately 11 days.  Members who participated in picketing and other strike related duties are entitled to strike pay of up to $300/week for these duties.  During said strike and upon returning to work, multiple dates, times and locations were hosted for strike pay pick up.

It has been forwarded to the Executive board that not all deserving members had an adequate chance to collect this pay.  After consultation with Unifor National we have been told that we are able to collect a list of those who missed out and can submit a list to have these cheques reissued.

If you are in the position where you picketed or performed other related strike duties and were unable to make it to one of the pick up times please contact Tyler Kress no later than 11:59PM on Tuesday September 15th, 2020.  Once your attendance and participation are confirmed a list will be sent to Unifor National to have payment reissued.

Once it is known how many members are left to receive their pay the method and timing of distribution will be determined.


Once payment is sent out cheques are issued they will only be valid for 30 days so cash them ASAP.

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