Executive Notice

Executive Notice

Hello everyone,

It has been brought to the Executive Board’s attention that members are aggressively approaching various committee representatives about scheduling, operations, and health and safety issues. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

We are all volunteering our own time to do the very best for this membership. We are here to represent the entire membership. We are not here to cater to certain people or groups. We need to consider every single member when it comes to the decisions that are made within all the committees. These decisions are not easy and there are many factors to consider when these decisions are made.

If you have issues with these decisions, please voice your thoughts and opinions at a union meeting and not in the lunchrooms or on platforms. Another option would be to write your thoughts down in an email and send it to the committee in question.

We are all brothers and sisters working together to improve things. We need to be united as a membership because any division only benefits management. So please be involved in a positive way. Will there discussions, yes, disagreements, absolutely, and growth, most certainly.

Disagreement doesn’t mean dissension. This membership needs to have many open and honest discussions. We can all learn and we all have something to contribute. Let’s all do this together for the better of all.
In Solidarity,
Your Executive Board

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