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New Tentative Agreement & Voting Times

To all Local 4304 members at Grand River Transit,

Your Bargaining Committee has reached a new tentative agreement with the Region of Waterloo.

Voting on the new agreement will take place Thursday, January 30, 2020

Location: Bingemans Ballroom B, C, D.
Address: 425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener
Meeting Time: 10:00AM
Door Open: 9:00AM

Attendance by all GRT members is requested!

Until Thursday all members will remain on picket duty as scheduled.

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GRT Tentative Agreement Rejected – Strike Called

To all members of Unifor Local 4304 at Grand River Transit,

The tentative agreement offered to our members has been rejected.  Local 4304 members at GRT will officially be on strike as of Tuesday morning.  Our union has agreed to give the Region 24 hours to prepare the public for the strike action, as such all members should finish their shifts on Monday as normal.

Your Strike Chief/Strike Captain should be contacting you soon, if you don’t hear from them please reach out them for your picket assignments and further instructions.

In solidarity,

Warren Schnurr
Recording Secretary
Unifor Local 4304

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GRT Strike Preparation

Members of 4304,

On December 1, we held a Strike Mandate Vote which passed with 98.9% of the vote. As you know, this means that our Bargaining Committee has the ability to take us on strike, if they are unable to reach a tentative agreement with the Region.

We will reach a legal strike position on Tuesday, January 14 at 12:01 AM:

  • If we reach this date without a tentative agreement, our bargaining committee may choose to take us on strike.
  • Please remember that we are not on strike until we are told we are on strike.

In the coming days, you will be contacted by your Strike Chief / Captain who will give you information about your picket location and time along with other instructions.

If, for whatever reason, you are not contacted by Sunday, please contact:

Wayne Mastromatteo 226-220-4304

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Financial Secretary & Trustee By-Election Results

The ballots have been counted and the results of the By-Election are:

Financial Secretary:

Tyler Kress – 62.3% of votes cast – ELECTED
Pam Martin – 37.7% of votes cast


Kerry Church – 64.4% of votes cast – ELECTED
Caitlyn Baker – 35.6% of votes cast

Congratulations to Tyler and Kerry on their election to the Executive Board!

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GRT Strike Vote Results

Monday, December 2, 2019

To all Local 4304 members at Grand River Transit,

Thanks to all who came out on Sunday to cast their ballot in the GRT Strike Mandate Vote.  The results are in:

GRT members have voted 98.99% in favour of strike action, if necessary, to achieve a satisfactory collective agreement with the Region of Waterloo

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GRT Strike Vote

To all Local 4304 members at Grand River Transit,

Your GRT Bargaining Committee will be holding a Strike Vote on Sunday, December 1, 2019. A strong strike mandate is required from our members to show your support for the GRT Bargaining Committee and to show the employer that we are willing to go on strike if we do not achieve an agreement that meets the demands of our members.

A Strike Vote is not a vote to immediately go on strike, but is a vote to give the union the ability to call a strike if we do not achieve a satisfactory collective agreement by the negotiating deadline. We are asking all GRT members to come out, cast a ballot and vote in favour of strike action if it becomes necessary.

Strike Vote Details:

Location: Unifor Union Hall, 600 Wabanaki Drive, Kitchener
Voting Times: 8AM-10AM, 1PM-3PM & 6PM-8PM

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Financial Secretary and Trustee By-Election Results

Good evening to all Local 4304 members,

The results are in for the Financial Secretary and Trustee By-Election held on June 6th, 2019.  The results are as follows:

For Financial Secretary…
Dan Sibley: 150
Tyler Kress: 72
Abstainees: 12
Total ballots cast: 234
For Trustee…
Ken Vogelpohl: 130
Allie Schmitt: 86
Abstainees: 18
Total ballots cast: 234
Congratulations go out to Dan and Ken who will assume their new roles on the Executive Board on October 1st.  Many thanks also go out to all members who voted and the Election Committee for their hard work and dedication in running the election.

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Great Canadian Coaches Ratifies New Collective Agreement

Friday, April 12, 2019

Good morning members of Local 4304,

We would like to announce that, after two days of voting, our members at Great Canadian Coaches have successfully ratified the new collective agreement with their employer last night.

  • Total number of ballots cast: 36
  • Ballots cast in favour: 24
  • Ballots cast against: 12
  • Spoiled ballots: 0

Ratification of the new agreement has been approved by 66% of the ballots cast.

A huge thanks also goes out to the Local 4304 Election Committee Chair, Tyler Kress, for running the ratification vote for our members at Great Canadian Coaches.

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Sick Day Donations for Member in Need

Members at GRT,

As most of you have heard, we have a brother in a tough spot medically (to say the least).  We have asked management to allow us to donate sick days and to put a rush on the decision as our brother should be concentrating on his fight ahead and not about his pay check.  Management has now agreed.  If you wish to donate, please stop by the Strasburg union office and sign a form.  In Cambridge please leave them for me in the envelope by the ballot box, it will be there in the morning.  We will be collecting until early next week.  We need to get these handed in to payroll as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.  Please pray for our brother.

In solidarity.

Lisa Main
Unifor Local 4304

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Due Date for 2019 GRT Bargaining Proposals

To all members at GRT,

A reminder that your GRT Bargaining Committee is now accepting proposals from the membership for potential changes and improvements to the GRT Collective Agreement.  Proposals can be submitted online from the Local 4304 website and in the workplace at the following locations:

  • Chandler Maintenance Building
  • Charles Terminal
  • Conestoga Garage
  • Strasburg Garage (use existing box outside the union office).

However, please note that Bargaining Proposals from members will be accepted only until Friday, May 31, 2019.  Don’t miss the opportunity to have your input into the coming round of negotiations at GRT, take some time to think about what you would like to see in our next contract and submit your proposals at your earliest opportunity to your GRT Bargaining Committee.

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