Bus Shields Update


There was a work refusal this evening and as a result, the region is looking at a way to have the new plexiglass shields secured in an open position. In the meantime here is the directive the region has given the union.


1.) If your alright to drive with the shield closed then do so.

2.) If you can secure the shield in the open position then you can do so.

3.) If you cannot see because of glare or you feel it’s not safe then dispatch was been advised to continue to change off the buses for tonight and tomorrow until a solution for securing them is found.


Remember, if you cannot see out the right side or feel it’s not safe then ask for a change off. If you are refused a change off, ask again. If you are denied the request for a change off then you have the right to refuse.

In Solidarity,

Unifor Local 4304

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