While we are going through this terrible time please remember while we are distancing ourselves, reach out to someone you think could really use some encouragement. We still need to communicate with each other and to make sure we are alright.

I want to thank our drivers, cleaners and all members for the great job they are continuing to provide. Talk about unsung heroes. It is a scary time so here is a quick update.

GRT is out of disinfectant wipes. They have purchased a new cleaner which is stronger then Lysol. Every bus is supposed to have a bottle of this solution. Paper towels have been placed as well on each bus. If you don’t have one or run out get a hold of an on-road supervisor and they will come to your location and re-fill whatever you need.

Joy-Riders, if you think someone is on just to ride then when you complete your trip, call a supervisor and let them know this person has been on a while. The supervisor should come to your location and speak to the individuals. The region has been doing social distancing messaging indicating essential trips only and our monitoring ridership with security and supervisors.

Once again, please protect yourself. Wash your hands, practice social distancing when you can, wear gloves and masks if you have one. Please remember, don’t wear gloves to go to the washroom and then wash your gloves, your only spreading more germs.

In Solidarity,

Tim Jewell – President Unifor 4304

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